6 things you say on Facebook that give away your age


A Persona of FB users on Twitter

A Persona of FB users on Twitter

This article in The Week outlines how the research was done. Basically 15.4 million Facebook messages from 75,000 people were analyzed. Take a look at the image above to see what a productionalized version of personality, demographics, and Interests looks like.

We use the term, “Personas”.

Young : Old

  1. How nice are you? “Stupid freakin damn”: “Family and Friends”

2. How self-centered are you? “I” : “We”

3. Who you shower affection on: “Baby” : “Cat and Dog”

4. Question words: “When and Why” : “Who and “How”

5. When you’re sad: “Sucks” : “Bummer”

6. How you say, “pictures”: “Pics” : “Pix”

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